Verbal Abuse

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Let’s talk about verbal abuse!

What is abuse?

There are various types of abuse; physical, mental or emotional, verbal, neglect and child sexual abuse.

“Abuse is often about power and the person who abuses you uses that power to get you to do things you don’t want to do”. Abuse can be hurtful either mentally or physically (Youngminds, 2018)

The abuse I will be focusing on is- verbal abuse.

Verbal abuse can be referred to as “saying or shouting or writing horrible things”.

The reason why I am drawing on verbal abuse is because I feel that it is a form of abuse that many young people are unaware of and do not know how to deal with the after effects. Also, some people often overlook the seriousness of verbal abuse and are allowing it to become a norm in todays society.

Ways verbal abuse can affect you…

v Have problems developing relationships

v Find you are more irritable or emotional

v Have low self- esteem, become depressed or anxious

For more information please visit the website (find link below)

Below is a short summary of how a young women experienced verbal abuse and overcame it.

Here is what a young woman had to say about her experience of verbal abuse. “Being verbally abused by the man I was supposed to call my father and be my protector, made me feel so weak and vulnerable. He would insult my looks and my weight, as well as make me feel worthless. This made me begin to doubt whether I was worth being alive. Before he came into my life I was a shy 10-year-old, who had much zeal and promise in life; the world was my oyster but as soon as he came around things took a negative turn…He found other ways apart from being verbally abusive to ruin my childhood. Although he tried to destroy my life, I have been able to overcome it. this last year I have given my life to Christ and go to church actively. I also have a job, friends and family support. I will soon go back to retake my GCSE’s by the grace of God to enable me to proceed with university. Luckily, I am still young and have been able to find my feet; I know it will not be easy but I’m not alone and I’m finally free from the man”.

How to overcome verbal abuse;

v seek support and receive support with trust

v affirm your value and honour your self- esteem

v forgive yourself, patiently

(Artisan, 2014)

Here are a few ways to overcome verbal abuse, which can be found by following the link below:


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