What is my purpose?

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Let’s take time to uplift ourselves

Dark days will cloud your life

It doesn’t mean you’re cursed or not blessed

But sunny days await you

We tend to only give life to positive days

But that dark day you were determined to not embrace

Is what has given you strength today

I know it can become overwhelming

And you feel like your life has taken a U-turn- into the midst of dirt

but remember we can control the direction it goes.

it's time to reach out and act over our lives

let’s say goodnight to the negativity

I’m handing you the shovel to put that hurt to bed

it's time to be filled with the motivation that will see you through your coming days.

Unknown- By N.M.A.x [21/10/18]

Why are you addressing this topic - motivation?

A lot of teenagers today struggle daily because they lack a simple thing called ‘motivation’. Motivation is the “desire or willingness to do something; enthusiasm” (Oxford dictionary: 2018). I personally find that during my life, I sometimes have periods where I lack being able to stay motivated. This is different to post I usually deliver, however, sometimes it is important to just sit down and analyse small areas in our lives that need some attention.

Five ways to embrace motivation

1. Take a break

Its ok to take some time out. If it means switching your phone off for an hour and take a nap. Go for that nap! This can simply be watching your favourite television programme for 30 mins. I know that in the last two years my time has changed, and I now treat myself to watch television. But make time to spend it yourself and uplift yourself. We need to move away from seeing things as a chore.

2. Know yourself

what do you find easy to do without being reminded? Do you prefer to go out with friends then do the lecture reading? I mean I prefer to iron instead of doing an assignment. What do you find challenging and hard to be consistent in? For me, it would be giving myself enough time to do a blog post or university assignment.

3. Set a goal

Most things in our lives are achieved by having a goal. Often when you set yourself a goal you have no choice but to work towards it. You become determined to chase after that specific goal. So, whatever it is, even if its small set yourself a target.

4. Minimise your to-do list

The best way to approach all the stuff you need to do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, is to have a to-do list. By having a list, you will prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed. Although having a list is recommended, we can sometimes fall into a trap of overfilling the list and this can make us view the approach as being impossible.

To prevent us from reaching a breaking point, let's begin by focusing on what’s important.

5. No comparisons

Its ok to be different! Move away from comparing yourself to another person. You are not your neighbour, peer, colleague or so on. You were created to be the person you are and once you accept this, you will be able to face your own challenges.


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