Olga Lungu,

Fashion Journalist

On a Wednesday afternoon I found out about this workshop for empowerment and life skills. I said to myself “why not, I have nothing to loose”. I said to my classmate-friend “would you like to go?” and she looked at me saying “let’s do it”.

We walked in the room and two very positive and smiley gals approached us and made us feel extremely comfortable. We were talking about uni and graduation and how exciting these are. It was very interesting and empowering listening to those girls talking about their journeys. Their stories made me feel that everything is possible. All I had to do is simply go for it. I walked in that room a dreamer and I walked out a “doer”. 

You guys, you have to go to their events! 

Francia Johanna Lopez, Fashion Journalist

“The talk left me feeling very pensive afterwards. It definitely made the concept of working towards a goal, that at first seemed far away and a dream, more realistic. Also one of the biggest takeaways ways the idea of not being afraid to seek help from others, especially when you feel lost or uncertain about your future. And seeking people like mentors will help you a great deal.”

Kasia Majewska,

Careers & Employability Adviser

 I really enjoyed Sheisclothed talk at UCA Epsom. I think Sheisclothed are current, funny and inspirational. Sheisclothed connects really well with the audience and makes them interact.


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Email: sheisclothedltd@gmail.com

Advocates in london and around the South-east of England on behalf of girls that have been socially deprived  and delivers empowering workshops, talks and experiences.


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