Giving knowledge to inspire creativity.


Our workshops have a focus on education. Sheisclothed events are held once a month, focusing on particular industries and skills to help promote creativity. Our events are ideal for young girls between 16-21. All our events are held at locations easily accessible by tube and bus to ensure young girls can get to and from our events easily. 


On our programmes, we seek to reward the young girls with certificates and opportunities in their community. We reward the girls in this way to install a personal recognition of their success in order for it to become subliminal practice. Sheisclothed recognised that many girls on our programmes are socially and/or economically deprived. They require self-confidence, self-image and self-worth coaching in order to go into their community and teach others. 

guidance sessions

In our guidance sessions, there is no wrong or right way to say something. We expect the young girls to be polite and be open to taking help, and advice in addition. Our team offers open communication opportunities for the young girls to reach out to and convey their concerns, ask for further support and send feedback

Would you like us to visit your school?

If you would like us to come to your school to let the girls know more about our opportunities and how they can develop their leadership and confidence skills. 

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Advocates in london and around the South-east of England on behalf of girls that have been socially deprived  and delivers empowering workshops, talks and experiences.


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