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Sheisclothed seeks to offer Pro bono workshops for charities and small organisations that work to enable employment and educational opportunities to young people who are socially and economically deprived.  We want to work in the community to make an impact.


Specifically for business and larger charities we can offer open programmes and conference event. We will create a one day impact programme around one of our syllabus topics, for employee and guest to your business or non profit organisation.

guidance sessions

In our  personal guidance sessions, coming into your corporate business to run session on safe guarding, mental health and more. Our personal coaching is tailored to you in every way – from where and when, to tackling specific challenges.

Charity Work

Sheisclothed seeks to do Charity work in the community, it is important for us as an organisation to help vulnerable young people. Working with young people to give back to the community and other countries. 

Would you like us to visit your business?

If you would like us to come to your business to let your employees know more about our opportunities and how they can develop young peoples leadership and confidence skills. 

please fill in the contact form below!


Company Number: 9214581

Email: sheisclothedltd@gmail.com

Advocates in london and around the South-east of England on behalf of girls that have been socially deprived  and delivers empowering workshops, talks and experiences.


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